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Volunteer Policy

The Charlton Public Library allows volunteers aged 18 and up (with the exception of NJHS and NHS members) to perform certain tasks around the library to fulfill community service hours for various agencies, tax relief for seniors, or for anyone who wishes to help at the library.  Younger volunteers may be used for special events at the discretion of the Director or Assistant Director. Volunteers under 18 years of age must have a signed parental approval form on file at the Charlton Public Library in order to volunteer.  Volunteers may not perform tasks that a paid, trained library employee would normally perform, such as working at the circulation desk, processing books and putting books away.  However, volunteers with library training may be considered for these tasks if approved by the Library Director or Assistant Director.


 A list of specific tasks has been created and volunteers may choose from that list.  Volunteers must be supervised by a library staff member at all times and are required to wear a volunteer badge while working.  It is required for all volunteers to fill out a registration form before they are allowed to work; all personal information about the volunteer is for internal use only.  Those aged 18 and over must submit to a CORI (a criminal background check) before being allowed to volunteer at the library.    A volunteer (with the exception of a Library Trustee or a trained librarian) does not count as a paid library employee when determining whether or not a floor should be closed due to lack of available staff.


Those who are required to do community service hours for specific groups or agencies must keep track of their own hours.  If a log sheet is not provided by said group or agency, the library will provide one.  Log sheets may be signed by any paid library employee with the exception of library pages. 


The Charlton Public Library has the right to refuse or discharge any volunteer for any reason.  Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of ALL library information.  While a volunteer is working at the library, he/she will be expected to act responsibly and behave appropriately.  Any misconduct will result in the immediate discharge of the volunteer.  The library will, upon request, provide letters of reference for the volunteer if deemed appropriate. 




Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Charlton Public Library


September 18, 2008

Volunteer Duties



Washing windows & doors

Using the carpet sweeper

Sweeping stairways & hallways


Straightening shelves

Shelf Reading Fiction (alphabetizing)

Shelf Reading Non-Fiction (Dewey Decimal System)

Wiping down tables & chairs

Wash/Disinfect toys in Children’s Room

Cleaning book covers

Organizing book sale room

Changing light bulbs

Outdoor sweeping

Breaking down boxes for recycling



Special Projects – these can include a variety of things, depending on skills volunteers have and what the library needs done at a particular time.  These jobs are not always available, but we may contact volunteers when one of these projects comes up.


Can include:

Cutting for story time crafts

Straightening/organizing storage rooms

Weeding/watering/landscaping (seasonal and need-based)

Helping with library events and programs

Moving tables/chairs for events